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Amogus is a Stand which is based of the popular mobile and PC game, Among Us. It's name is derived from the meme about Among Us, Amogus.

How to Obtain

It can be obtained by using a Dead Body on Gaster.

The Dead Body resembles an Among Us crewmate after being killed by the impostor, specifically a cyan crewmate.


It takes the appearance of a crewmate/imposter from Among Us. It is orange with a bullet shaped body with 2 hands at the left and right. It also has goggles that don't really give any sight and rather purely design.


LMB - Dead Body Reported Amogus shoots bones out of his hand doing moderate damage.

E - Amogus Left Hand Slap Amogus swipes his left hand forwards. This deals 500 damage and has virtually no cooldown.

R - Amogus Right Hand Slap Amogus does the same as it's E move; only with it's right hand.

T - Clap Amogus bashes his hands together twice. This deals 700 damage each time it hits you. Virtually no cooldown.

H - Sus Shove Amogus does the same as the T move; but instead of clasping it's hands together, it pushes into the floor.

F - Impostor Summon Amogus spwans a huge gaster blaster that does GODLY damage if it hits the opponent. Roughly a 20 - 30 second cooldown.

Y - Bones Shoot Amogus shoots bones out of his hand, similar to its LMB

J - Emergency Meeting Amogus shoots red slashes out of his hand, doing 700 damage each.

B - Impostor Win Amogus does the same as J but the beams are blue and do 500 damage.

Pros & Cons


High damage output.

Most high damaging moves have no cooldown.

Combo potential isn't needed due to the insane damage.

High damaging projectiles & close range moveset.


If you start RKING people may target you since you have an overpowered stand.

Impossible to hide if people are trying to target you.

Low Mobility.