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"You can't hide from your fears forever" - Bete Noire (Betty)

How to Obtain


Betty is Obtained by Betty Scythe on Chara

Moveset (Edit If I get this Wrong):

LMB - Slash (35 Damage Per Hit and Cooldown 0-1 seconds)

Q - Change Mode (Modes: Scythe Mode; Ball Mode)

E - Scythe Strike (95 Damage Per Hit and Cooldown 3-4 seconds)

R - Spike Strike (0.75 Damage Per Hit and Cooldown 5 seconds)

T- Ranged Slashes (50 Damage 2 Slashes and Cooldown 8 Seconds)

Y- Spike Lunge (Unknown Damage a little explosion and Cooldown 18 seconds)

F- Floor Slam (Unknown Damage may be broken and cooldown 3-4 seconds)

G - Pose (Bete Noire's Fight Theme)

H - Pink Energy Ball (High Damage and Cooldown 23ish seconds)

V - Teleport (Teleports where your mouse cursor is and Cooldown 6 seconds)

B - Gaster Blaster (50 Damage per hit and Cooldown immediately after the first Gaster Blaster disappears)

N - Quote (Says "Anubis Is The Strongest Stand! DIE!" and you can only say it once per life)