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Let's play a game. =) - Chara

How to Obtain:

Use Knife on Sans

Information: Chara is a spec based off undertale.

Description: The user gets a red glowing knife, filled with determination and LV.

[ Passives]

  • Determination
    • If the user has low HP, this passive will activate, this passive will Boost the player's Damage ( You can notice if its active or not through the eyes, they become red )

[E] - Dash Slash

The user dashes forward and slashes, deals 50 damage.

[R] - Slice

A weak slice, deals 15 damage

[T] - Knife Throw

The user throws its knife.

[Y]- Legendary Hero

The user eats a Legendary Hero, recovering HP.

[F] - L.O.V.E

The player dashes forward/ quicky slicing their knife, if hit, the enemy will receive 600 Damage

[H]- "Welcome to my special Hell.

The user sticks its knife to the floor, using his LV, he creates a great zone. After some time, everyone inside that red zone will be struck with a great attack that deals 400 - 600 damage.

[V]- Teleportation

The user teleports torwards the mouse position.

[Z] - Dash

The user dashes forward

Pose Music

Stronger than you

Chara's theme : Megalo Strike back