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"hmmm... guess we didn't need your help to have a good time after all. say, i've been thinking. seems like you're gonna fight my brother pretty soon. here's some friendly advice. if you keep going the way you are now... you're gonna have a bad time."

How To Obtain

Use Bloody Bone On XSans.

Default Moveset/Bone Control Mode Moveset

Q - Gaster Blaster Control

Sans unlocks a variety of new abilities when activated.

LMB - Area Telekinesis Shock

Sans uses his telekinesis and anyone close to him will get forced into the ground dealing 250 damage.

E - Bone Swipe

Sans summons a bone in his hand and hits the player with it. (Currently broken and does no damage. Only a shockwave effect.)

R - Bone Wall

Sans summons a bone wall ranging from 3 - 6 bones on each wall that is summoned. (Deals a consecutive 1 damage.)

T - Bone Barrage

Sans lifts his arm up summoning 6 bones with INSANE range. (Deals a consecutive 1 damage)

F - Soul Manipulation

Sans starts to get ready for battle and will dodge any attack thrown at him.

H - Temporary Bad Time Mode

Sans turns on his Bad Time mode temporarily to reduce his cooldowns on moves. (Works on Bone Control Mode and Gaster Blaster Control Mode)

Z - Bone Boost

Sans summons a bone to boost under him to help him jump up and reach a higher place.

Gaster Blaster Control Mode Moveset

E - Regular Gaster Blaster

Sans summons a Gaster Blaster which will shoot behind and infront of it. (Consecutive 1 damage.)

R - Small Gaster Blaster Barrage

Sans will summon 4 Small Gaster Blasters which will all shoot behind and infront of them. (Consecutive 1 damage.)

T - Giant Gaster Blaster

Sans summons a Giant Gaster Blaster that is 3x as big as the Small Gaster Blasters and 2x as big as the Regular Gaster Blasters.

V - Teleportation

Sans will teleport wherever in range when the users cursor is on something.

Z - Gaster Blaster Ride

Due to Sans being in his Gaster Blaster Control Mode he can't use his bones so he rides his Gaster Blasters instead. (Can be held down.)