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Last breath sans can be obtained by doing the following:

Bone + Standless =Sans

Sans + Sans soul = X Sans

X Sans + Bloody bone =Last Breath Sans

LBS has 2000hp


Q: Switches between blaster mode and bone mode

LMB: Sans lifts his arm pushing any enemies close away and dealing 250DMG

V: Teleports to your cursor

C: A standard roll

Bone mode:

R: Sans sends a bone wall forward dealing moderate damage

T: It's the same as R but it shoots out 1 at a time and you can change the direction it shoots mid way by making your character look somewhere else

Z: You summon a bone under you pushing you up

Blaster mode:

E: Fires a gaster blaster dealing 12DMG and can go through walls

R: Fires 3 gaster blasters dealing 12DMG each

T: Fires a HUGE gaster blaster dealing 650DMG

Z: You glide on a gaster blaster