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"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" - Goku's Battle Cry when Fighting Jiren


Mastered Ultra Instinct or MUI rather, is a spec that is used out of Speed and Strength.

How To Obtain

Dragon Ball + Standless = SSJ

Dragon Ball + SSJ = SSJ3

Dragon Ball + SSJ3 = SSJG

Dragon Ball + SSJG = SSJGSSJ

Dragon Ball + SSJGSSJ = SSJR/Rose

Super Dragon Ball + SSJR = Ultra Instinct

Super Dragon Ball + Ultra Instinct = Mastered Ultra Instinct


MUI + Drip Arrow = Drip MUI


E + Hold - Godlike Barrage
Attacks your opponent doing a good amount of damage.
R - Instinct Punch
Punch your opponent with full strength.
F - Super Kamehameha
Use a extreme amount of energy to obliterate your opponent.
Z + Hold - Flight
Fly all around the map.

Pros and Cons

Pros :

Very good attack damage.

Flight can help you get away for a hit and run attack.

Cons :

Bad amount of Health.

Can get killed easily by other OP stands.