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"I can see your future, and It's me defeating you!"

How to Obtain: Use a Admin Arrow on Standless

Information: True Pot Platinum or TPP uses the power of his pot to defeat all the evil..

Description: Remember Stands have a chance of getting.

[ Passives] - "I am Pot GOD"

All of the moves have absolutely no cooldown at all.

[E] - Pot Barrage

Does incredible damage 5% but when you acctually use it it will seem like its doing more damage, as the barrage keeps going.

[R] - Heavy Pot Punch

Heavy Punches with the power of the pot does 40% dmg.

[T] - The finisher

Move Info - The finisher flings the person with all of the pots might doing 60% damage(The final heavy punch).

[Y] - Pot heal

Move Info - Does a infinite heal with no cooldown, even when you stop healing you can still spam it because no part of the heal has any cooldown.

2% heal.

[H] - Pot RTZ

ger reflect move, but reflects more of a punch back to the opponent|NO COOLDOWN

[X] - Pot block

Blocks with all of the power of the pot.

[Z] - Pot Jump

Move Info - Jumps with all of the power of the pot that is left,(No cooldown)

Pose Music