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The Reaper, which is most rarest spec on A Infinite Adventure due to its item rarity, thus this stand is also one of the strongest because of its damage and movesets. To get this stand, you need to use Reaper Diary on Betty in order to get Reaper. ( Reaper Diary is extremely hard to get despite of its spawntime, but its chances of spawning is immensely high )

*Reaper's Appearance is going to have a rework according to the sneak peeks of A Infinite Adventure


Reaper's movesets are extremely strong with an minimum damage of 200 while the maximum you can get is 800 despite other specs' movesets being stronger than this ( For Example : Deku F Move has over 100000 damage when an enemy is in contact while GrubHub Guy F Move can destory an enemy instantly but they need to make contact with the slushy ). Some of the Reaper's movesets can instantly kill stands with low durability

LMB - Scythe Slash / Scythe Punch ( Normal )

The user with Reaper will punch the enemy at a extremely short range, dealing the enemy 90 damage per hit

E - Scythe Rotation

The user with Reaper will let go of its scythe while spinning at the enemies at a short distance, thus you can move around with the rotating scythe while attack more enemies around it, this deals the enemies around it 300 damage per hit when in contact with the scythe when in rotation

R - Scythe Heavy Punch / Scythe Punch

The user with Reaper will punch the enemy with an heavy blow at an extremely short range, dealing unknown damage to the enemy.

R - High Scythe Kick / Kick

The user with Reaper will raise one of its boot and kick the enemy, this can cause the enemy to launch up at a low height, this deals the enemy immerse damage with an amount of 800 damage.

Y - Fastest Scythe Rotation / Scythe Spin

The user with Reaper will let go of its scythe while spinning at a short distance just like the E Move ( Scythe Rotation ) , but it rotates at an faster speed and deals the enemy 500 damage per hit instead of 300

F - Scythe Slam / Ground Slam

The user with Reaper will slam its scythe to the ground, then it will summon some medium-sized rock spikes on the ground while releasing a huge red beam, making it an AOE ( Area of Effect ) attack, meaning it can affect enemies around and near the user. This deals 800 damage to the enemies around it

V + Cursor - Reaper's Teleportation / Teleportation

The user with Reaper will teleport where the cursor goes at the moderate distance with high speed

G - Pose

The user with Reaper will strike a pose while playing a song called Bad Apple ( If you can't hear this spec's pose music, this means that this music has been copyrighted or removed from Roblox itself )

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To get reaper you need reaper diary on Betty.

the reaper model is changed

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