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Sakuya World Pose

Sakuya World is pretty much a Reskin of The Original World with a few new moves it is currently obtainable through using the Knife on The World which is obtained through the Arrow.


Image 2021-08-07 172156.png

Sakuya World is The World with Sakuya's pentagram behind it and Night of Nights plays for the Pose Music it is currently glitched when putting it away since it just stays inside you not fully disappearing.

Stand Stats

Destructive Power = A+ | Speed = A | Durability = A+ | Range = C

Move Set

Disclaimer: All moves for this Stand do not show the damage numbers so I cannot give that at this time sorry for the inconvenience.

E - Barrage

User does a 8 Second Barrage that can punch or kick if it punches or kicks in random not sure if they do different amounts of damage though

R - Heavy Punch

User throws a heavy punch with about a 1 second windup

T - Knife Throw

User throws projectile knives this move is spammable so you can throw a bunch of knives with no CD (Cooldown)

Y - Knife Barrage

User throws multiple knives at a time lasting about 4 - 5 seconds with about a 2 second windup

F - Time Stop

User winds up for about 2 seconds then stops time for around 6 seconds

N - Quote