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Sans in game

Sans is a spec that can be created by using a Bone on Standless. It is based of the game Undertale, in which Sans can be the final boss, or just a regular character depending on what route you take. It has a wide range of evolutions.


LMB - Bone Throw: Throw a blue, orange, or white bone where your mouse points (10 damage per frame that bone is in contact with victim)

E - Bone Barrage: You throw a bunch of assorted blue, orange, and white bones all doing the same damage (10 per frame bone is in contact with victim)

R - Telekinesis: Hover mouse over someone then press R to launch them in a random direction (including straight upwards) does damage (21.4 damage)

T - Gaster Blaster: Fire a Gaster Blaster where the mouse is pointing (80 damage)

Y - Bone Floor: Raise up a filled in square of white bones from the floor where your mouse is pointing (80 damage)

F - Big Gaster Blaster: Fire a big Gaster Blaster where your mouse is pointing, only benefit is bigger hitbox (80 damage)

H - Triple Gaster Blaster: Fire 3 Gaster Blasters where your mouse is pointing (80 damage (single hit))

C - Teleport: Basic teleport, but no cooldown

B - Big Bone Throw: Throw a big bone horizontally where your mouse points (80 damage)

N - Quote: You say a sans quote but the quote isn't finished and only says "Quote"


Sans Soul + Sans = X-Sans

Gaster Soul + Sans = Gaster

Overwrite Button + Sans = X-Event! Chara

Delta Bone = Sans = Delta Sans

(will add more)