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"So this is the power of the OVER HEAVEN!"

How to obtain?

Obtained by using DIO's Diary on Standless


  • You run faster and jump higher than most spec / stands and you can dodge most attacks.


  • Q
    • You punch the foe with all your will, dealing INSANE damage and it has barely any cooldown.
  • E
    • You do a flip and smash the ground dealing so much damage and no cooldown as always.
  • R
    • You release energy which turns into blades which deal ok man too much damage again with visually no cooldown.
  • T
    • You release so much energy it turns into a beam of rainbow energy which deals too much damage with almost no cooldown again.
  • F
    • You unleash a ball of mass chaos dealing so much damage that it can instant shot stands with low durability and is low cooldown
  • C
    • You curl into a ball and propel yourself miles.
  • Z
    • You fly with immense power at so high speeds.