Star Platinum

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"You truly are the lowest scum in history..." - Jotaro Kujo (空条承太郎)


Star Platinum is a Stand in An Infinite Adventure. It is currently obtainable. It can be evolved into Retro Star Platinum by using a Shiny Arrow on it. It can also be evolved into Shadow Star Platinum by using Cursed Orb on it.

How to Obtain

Star Platinum is currently obtainable by using a Stand Arrow on Standless.


[E - ORA! Barrage]

Star Platinum goes forward and deals a barrage of punches that do 5 damage per hit, which will then end with a finisher that does 42 damage.

[R - Heavy "ORA!" Punch]

Star Platinum goes forward and deals a strong punch, dealing 30 damage.

[H - Skull Crusher]

Star Platinum throws a fast punch at the enemy, and if hit will do 35 damage.

[T - "My Stand, will be the judge!"]

Star Platinum punches the enemy 3 times, the first and second hits dealing 23 damage, and the last hit dealing 38 damage.

[Y - Iggy Throw]

Star Platinum lunges forward and throws Iggy at high speeds. If he hits the opponent, they will take 65 damage.

[F - "I stopped time..."]

Star Platinum stops time for 2 seconds.

Tarot Card

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