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"I still feel the power! I can still keep this up!" - DIO (Dio Brando, ディオ・ブランド)


The World is a Stand in An Infinite Adventure. It is currently obtainable. It can be evolved into Retro The World by using a Shiny Arrow on it. It is the Stand that DIO wields in Part 3 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, aka Stardust Crusaders.

How to Obtain

It can be obtained through Stand Arrows on Standless.

TW + Dio's Diary = TWOH


[E - "MUDA!" Barrage]
The World will barrage it's opponent, dealing good damage. This has a 1/2 to either do a kick barrage or do a regular barrage.
[R - "Shinei!"]
The World throws a punch at its enemy, dealing decent damage.
[T - "Can you deflect all these knives?"]
The user takes out some knives, then throws them at their enemy.
[Y - Timestop Donut]
The user stops time, and donuts the enemy, dealing 50 damage.
[F - "The World! Bring time to a halt!"]
The World stops time for 5 seconds, allowing the user to attack anyone in this state.
[X - Stand Block]
The World will block, reducing some of the damage that is thrown at it.
[Z - Stand Propulsion]
The World jumps high into the air, bringing it's user along.

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