Troll Pot Platinum

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"u been trolled xd"


Troll Platinum is a shiny replica of Pot Platinum.

It's used for self healing and fighting strategies.

How to Obtain

Use Troll Mask + Standless


E + Hold - A Little Trolling
A barrage that does 5 damage. (3 second cooldown)
R - Trol Punch
A punch that does 20 damage (Spammable)
T - Trolling Banish
A extreme punch that does 80 damage. (Spammable)
Y + Hold - Healing Troll
Heals you by 2 HP every punch. (Spammable)
H - Return to Monke
Protects you from any damage possible, By that meaning. If someone were to hit you, they would take 90 damage back.(This also cancels TimeStop).
C - Trol Roll
A spammable roll.
Z - Trollige Jump
Jump at a small distance. (Spammable)
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