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Retired Owner |Lvl1weeb

Lv1weeb was the owner of the A infinite adventure wiki.

He started it all; respect him and do it NOW.

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Current Status: Online 


|TheHatsAreOut (Hats for short) TheHatsAreIn is the new owner of who created most of the pages and rules for this wiki. resepecc now.

Reason for role: Promoted after Owner retired.
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Current Status: Very Active



Thisisausernamestoplookingatit (user for short) is the new co-owner on the wiki. He is also Head Bureaucrat/Co-Owner on the Stands Awakening Wiki. He is the most experienced admin on here.

Reason for role: Promoted by the new Owner.
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Current Status: Extremely Active



English7878 (English for short) is a bureaucrat on the wiki. He comes from the Stands Awakening Wiki as well. If you need him, he'll be on YBA or on Fandom.

Reason for role: Promoted by Old Owner and then promoted again by New Owner.
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Current Status: Active


DanielTRADE! is an administrator on the wiki. He helps out a lot. He just got un global blocked.


Reason for role: Promoted by Old Owner.
Current Status: Active-ish.


SkyWarzIsForFun (Skywarz for short) is a Thread Moderator on the wiki. They do a bit of work. They also work on the Stands Awakening Wiki

Reason For role: Promoted by English7878.


Current Status: Active-ish.


AYareYareInTime is a content Moderator on this wiki. He is part of the community and has good knowledge of the game

Reason for role: Promoted by English7878 and then by the New Owner.


Current Status: Quite Active.



Dojyaaaaaaaan!!1 is a Rollback on the wiki. They are here to block greifers and help out.


Reason for role: Promoted by English7878.
Current Status: Active.