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X-Event! Chara normally has white clothing with a red and white eye. Red meaning for the determination half soul in there body. The white eye being white due to the normal monster soul. X-Event! Chara wears white shirt with a cape and with messy hair. He also wears a heart locket like nearly every other Chara.

How To Obtain X-Event! Chara

Standless + Bone = Sans

Sans + Overwrite Button = X-Event! Chara

Basic Information

X-Event! Chara is the brother of X-Tale Frisk. X-Event! Chara may seem like a girl at first sight though he is a boy. His normal soul was a full determination soul though it became a half determination soul when X-Event! Gaster took the other half. X-Event! Chara is about 5FT/155CM. As a child he was he was only 3FT and 100CM. X-Event! Chara's main power was Multi-Knives. He could summon red knives from his palm and shoot them as projectiles and use them as a melee.

[ Passives]

You gain a Overwrite button that increase your health

[E] - Stab

Stabs the Opponent dealing High Damage

[R] - Erase Code

The User Grabs the foe and swings him in the air and slam

[T] - X!Chara Knifes

X!Chara Stabs its sword into the ground, sending 5 swords flying

[Y]- Self Heal

X!Chara Heals Themselve

[F] - Slam Dunk

X!Chara Jumps into the air and slams the ground dealing 200 damage and bypassing RTZ

[V]- Teleport

X!Chara Taps the overwrite button and teleports to its cursor

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